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Why use the KöR Lab for Teeth Bleaching Trays?
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Although making Teeth Bleaching Trays in your own practice is detailed in the training manual, you may opt to have them made by our staff of experts at the KöR Deep Bleaching Tray Lab.
Accuracy of Results: If your Deep Bleaching Trays don’t fit and seal as well as the ones fabricated by the KöR Lab, you will not achieve true Deep Bleaching results. Your office staff is likely very skilled and talented, but will they achieve the precise sealing ability necessary?
Convenience: Proper fabrication of Deep Bleaching Trays is more precise and more time consuming than ordinary teeth bleaching trays. Given the very low cost of KöR Deep Bleaching Trays fabricated by the KöR lab, and the convenience of not having dental staff take time to make the teeth bleaching trays, many offices opt to use the KöR Lab for all their cases.
Low Cost: Evolve’s KöR Deep Bleaching Tray Lab is not a profit center for Evolve.  It is intended to be used for the convenience and learning of our full system clients.
We’re sure you will agree there is no more detailed laboratory fabrication of teeth bleaching trays on the planet. Our charge is only $59/set. The largest dental laboratory in the country charges $70 for simple, ordinary suck-down teeth bleaching trays that we estimate take no more than 1/15th the time it takes our technicians to fabricate impeccable KöR Deep Bleaching Trays.
A popular periodontal treatment tray lab charges $90/per arch ($180 for a set). We estimate that this lab spends only ½ (or less) the time it takes for our technicians to fabricate KöR Deep Bleaching Trays.
Why do we charge such a low price? We want to make it financially easy to use the KöR Lab – because we know that your greatest success will likely be when using KöR Lab fabricated Deep Bleaching Trays. Your success and delighted patients mean you will continue being a happy client of Evolve.

Teeth Bleaching Trays

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